Christopher Mathis

Christopher Mathis as Chief Meterologist for ABC 6 News since 2002.
Orginally from Northeast Alabama, Chris is a proud graduate of the
University of Alabama and the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga.

Chris grew up with a strong interest in the weather and a love for
television. His primary objective is to always be a trusted source of
information for Delta residents, especially during severe weather events.

Chris holds the National Association's Seal of Approval, and is recognized
as a Certified Broadcast Meterologist by the American Meterological
Society. Contact Christoper at


Steve Bender

Steve grew up in South Florida and graduated from the Univeristy of Central Florida. He is currently pursuing further studies at Mississippi State University with a focus on Broadcast Meteorology.

He is dedicated to bringing you timely and accurate weather reports for your neighborhood. Your safety is his top concern, that’s why he works hard to
help you plan your day and you prepare you for whatever weather comes your way. Steve finds weather fascinating and wants to make sure that viewers are always informed and safe during severe weather events. Enjoys being part of the Commonwealth Broadcasting Groups family and looks forward to meeting people all across the Delta. If Steve is not co-anchoring Good Morning Mississippi he can be found covering the evening news for the WABG at 5, 6 and 10pm. On many days he can be seen doing both the morning and evening shows.

In his limited time off he enjoys hacking away on the golf course, playing pick-up basketball or chowing down at some of the local restaurants. Steve claims to be a "food connoisseur" and really enjoys doing the Delta's Hidden
Menu...."Until next time,stay safe and stay full Mississippi!" Thanks for the warm welcome! 

Contact Steve by:!/SteveJBender?ref_type=bookmark