The Washington County Sheriff's department is asking for additional information in the report of a young woman being raped by a police impersonator.

     A 26-year-old woman reported being raped by a man who impersonated a law enforcement officer, driving a dark Crown Victoria with a flashing red light. The assault allegedly happened Tuesday night near the intersection of Burdett and Flannagan roads.

     Several people who had been with the woman that evening have given statements that raise questions about the woman's claim.

     The woman told investigators she had been to Walmart an hour before the assault, but the sheriff's department says she could not provide details of her visit and the store's surveillance video did not show her entering or leaving Walmart in the hour before the alleged attack.

     The case is still open, and investigators are continuing to follow all leads.

     If you have information about these events, contact the Washington County Sheriff's Department.