When Greenville’s
Kenny Trader’s  pro basketball career was
cut short six years ago after he was diagnosed with the heart muscle
cardiomyopathy, initially he didn't know what to expect. “I had to educate
myself about the disease. There was so much unknown about it," says Trader.

 What he eventually found
out was he could still play basketball, but not competitively.
“I can work out and play ball. l just can't over do it. As long as I’m intelligent
about it, I’m OK.”
But what he's not OK with is the absence of testing for the
disorder on the junior and high school levels. “This affects not only adults, but
kids also die from this. The
problem is school districts don’t have the funds. But, I think every school
should have testing for it.” 
 When Trader isn't
promoting awareness about the disease, you can find him spreading his message
about life after sports. He admits the moment he stopped playing was like a
wake up call for him. “When you’re searching for your path and never thought
what your life would look like after basketball, the road ahead could be scary. He
"At 31-years old and you’re looking down that tunnel, you say to yourself ‘what
am I going to do?’

 Kenny answered that
question by earning a business degree. Currently, he’s pursing a MBA. He stresses
to kids to put education first. “Basketball
is fun, but so is becoming a doctor or going into the legal force. There are so
many options for kids to be anything they want to be. They have to work hard
and take initiative. They have to understand that life has to be about more
than sports.”