Kenny Trader’s love for basketball has never wavered.

“I've invested 25 years in basketball. I started when I 9-years
old. This is my identity; it's a part of me,” says Trader when asked why the
game means so much to him.

However, back in 2008 after trying out for the LA Lakers,Trader
was diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which is the enlargement of the
heart muscles.  The rare disease is what Boston
Celtic-Reggie Lewis and NCAA scoring champ-Hank Gathers died from while playing.
When reflecting on the unexpected, unsettling news he
received, Trader says, “Imagine working for something all your life, then told
the thing you love so much could kill you. If you have this condition and over
exert yourself, you can die.  I had to
make a tough to decision to stop playing basketball.”
Betty Trader,  Kenny’s
mom, says the news was devastating, but adds, “I knew he would be OK because of
our faith in God.”
“I was one of those guys who put all his eggs in one basket.
It was NBA or bust.  But, my faith
powered me through. I now have peace and can move on,” says Trader.