A museum celebrating Mississippi as the birthplace of American music is a little more than a year from opening.

  Lucy Janoush, president of the Cleveland Music Foundation, fund-raising arm of Grammy Mississippi, was among the speakers during Friday’s convocation at Delta State University.

  Janoush spoke about the museum’s importance to music education, Mississippi’s music heritage and tourism. Her presentation included a history of how the project got started. She also explained why  Mississippi was  chosen as home to the first Grammy museum outside the state of California. The blues originated in the Delta, and all other forms of popular music – rock, pop, country, soul, runk, R&B, hip-hop, etc. – evolved from the blues.

  Bob Santelli, executive director of the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live, has said that without Mississippi, there would be no American music.

   The new museum will  house exhibits and host concerts and other events. It will also network with the B.B. King Museum, the Delta Blues Museum, the Highway 61 Blues Museum and Graceland.

     The museum's main function will be as a learning institution.

  “Eighty percent of our focus will be on education,” Janoush said. :”And there's already been an advisory board established. And if you're interested in this, contact Tricia at the DMI because she's the connection point on that particular process.”

  That was a reference to Tricia Walker, director of the Delta Music Institute at Delta State.

  Grammy Mississippi is expected to open in September 2015.