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Steve Ballmer: Apple Pay was an "obvious idea"

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 6:46pm
Former Microsoft CEO weighs in on the latest offerings from his former competitor
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Paralyzed man able to walk again following groundbreaking surgery

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 6:32pm
In what the medical community is calling an incredible breakthrough, a Polish man who was left a quadriplegic after a stabbing, can walk again. The miraculous procedure involved doctors taking cells from his nose and implanting them into his spinal cord. CBS News' Alphonso Van Marsh reports.
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Steve Ballmer says Apple Pay was an "obvious idea"

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 6:23pm
Former Microsoft CEO talks about Apple Pay and its inevitability in the mobile phone and payment industries. He also discusses the tech in order to get it off the ground.
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Here's what it looks like when the Internet sleeps

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 5:51pm
We think of the web as being 24/7, but in some parts of the globe, the Internet finds time to snooze
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Cell transplant helps paralyzed man walk again

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 5:24pm
Cells harvested from the patient's nose helped return function to a damaged spinal cord
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Steve Ballmer: LA Clippers are "a damn good team!"

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 3:42pm
Former Microsoft CEO shows his love for basketball as he transitions into his new role as owner of an NBA franchise
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Steve Ballmer on leaving Microsoft, relationship with Bill Gates

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 3:10pm
The former Microsoft CEO shares why he left the company and what he thinks is his biggest achievement and disappointment during his tenure at the tech giant.
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What Apple isn't telling us anymore

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 12:55pm
Apple says it will no longer break out retail store and iPod sales, and forget about detailed stats on the Apple Watch, due next year
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Where can you use Apple Pay?

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 12:00pm
Dozens of merchants are accepting Apple Pay, with more slated to add the payment system by the end of the year
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Apple launches iPhone's mobile payment system

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 11:49am
The tech giant lauched "Apple Pay," a new system for buying everyday items using an iPhone. CNET's senior editor Sharon Profis joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss the digital wallet.
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Will consumers ditch their wallets for Apple Pay?

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 12:46am
Apple says its new mobile payment system, Apple Pay, is convenient and secure, but will it win over consumers? CNET's Kara Tusboi reports.
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Almost waterless washing could come to U.S. homes

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 12:02am
British scientists have developed a new washing machine that uses plastic beads to help get stains out of clothes. Major U.S. hotel chains are already using the new technology and engineers say they're working on model that can be used at home. CBS' Alphonso Van Marsh reports.
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2014 could become the hottest year on record

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 6:59pm
As September hit a new high, global temperatures reach unprecedented levels - and they're not stopping
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How to set up Apple Pay

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 6:14pm
Apple's new mobile payment system is now available, and here's how to set it up in a few easy steps
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Crane migration

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 5:20pm
Hundreds of thousands of cranes stop in Germany on their way to warmer climates
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Microsoft could unveil smartwatch soon

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 4:36pm
How will a Microsoft wearable device compare to the Apple Watch?
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Attack reported on Apple iCloud in China

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 2:16pm
With iPhone 6's selling briskly in China, users who think they are connecting their new phones to Apple iCloud may encounter a security threat
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Apple launches Apple Pay mobile payment service

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 12:31pm
Apple is betting that Apple Pay will give consumers a whole new reason to buy iPhones and iPads
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Researchers developing mind-controlled drones

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 11:13am
Lab at the University of Texas at San Antonio gets Pentagon funding to see if brain waves can direct drone movement
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Teens fight sexism in video games by creating their own

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 8:03am
Andrea Gonzales, 16, and Sophie Houser, 17, created their own video game to empower girls and fight sexism in gaming. The game "Tampon Run" features a female protagonist hurling tampons at her enemies.
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