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Scientists create real-life tractor beam

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 3:48pm
Experts at the University of Bristol figured out how to make objects levitate and control them using sound
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Now its easier to talk to strangers on Facebook

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 2:33pm
Change to Facebook's Messenger app puts requests from non-friends front and center
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Real-life tractor beam levitates objects with sound

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 2:24pm
Scientists have created a sonic tractor beam that can pull, push and spin objects floating in thin air
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Effort to understand bats better takes wing in 31 states

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 1:05pm
New monitoring program was spurred by a disease called white-nose syndrome that has killed millions of bats and is spreading
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Wonderful and wacky wheels at the Tokyo Motor Show

Wed, 10/28/2015 - 11:16am
Exotic concept vehicles and new production models make their debut in Japan
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Apple earnings beat expectations on strong iPhone sales

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 11:32pm
Apple reports fourth quarter earnings beat expectations on strong iPhone sales in China
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BuzzFeed, Vox Media threaten to pull out of Texas tech fest SXSW

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 10:38pm
Backlash after popular Interactive festival held in Austin, Texas, canceled two panels related to gaming and online harassment
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No, a UFO named WTF is not threatening to destroy Earth

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 8:18pm
Now that we've got that out of the way, here's what will really happen when an unknown object enters the atmosphere next month
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How does the new Apple TV compare to Roku?

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 7:47pm
As the latest version of Apple TV hits the market, it faces stiff competition from the cheaper Roku device
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Ancient super-predators could take down a mammoth

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 7:45pm
Hyenas and saber-tooth cats far larger than the predators of today once kept mammoths and mastodons in check, study finds
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UFO headed to Earth

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 7:36pm
A UFO, dubbed 'WTF," is expected to crash into the Indian Ocean in November
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Space station astronauts set for spacewalk

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 4:17pm
Space station commander Scott Kelly and Kjell Lindgren head outside Wednesday for a 6.5-hour spacewalk
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Apple TV, Roku vie for streaming supremacy

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 4:15pm
Apple TV and Roku are battling for supremacy of the market created by Americans' growing preference for streaming
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Mark Zuckerberg delivers speech in Chinese

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 4:14pm
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivered a speech in China in Mandarin Chinese
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Siri won't answer some of your questions

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 4:14pm
Apple's iPhone helper Siri refuses to answer certain questions if users aren't subscribed to Apple Music
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97-year-old is granted her wish to visit Google HQ

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 4:01pm
Olive Horrell grew up riding in a horse a buggy; now she's cruising in a driverless car and learning about the cloud
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97-year-old sees the future at Google

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 3:54pm
Born in a house without electricity, 97-year-old Olive Horrell has lived to see self-driving cars and virtual reality
Categories: Business & Technology

Siri refuses to answer this question

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 3:10pm
Anyone with an iPhone can ask it, but only some people will actually get the answer
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How Comcast wants to meter the Internet

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 2:21pm
Cable giant is trying out how to charge customers for the amount of data they use, much the way Verizon and AT&T do for wireless customers
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​Motorola's new smartphone has a shatterproof screen

Tue, 10/27/2015 - 2:11pm
The company claims its Droid Turbo 2 is the first phone with a screen that won't shatter or crack when dropped
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