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Orcas in Puget Sound

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 2:03pm
The orca population in Washington's Puget Sound is in decline and scientists are having a hard time saying why
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New volcanic eruption in Iceland

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 1:57pm
A new volcanic eruption in southeast Iceland on Sunday was 50 times more powerful than Friday's
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Apple may turn iPhone 6 into digital wallet

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 1:17pm
Apple has reportedly reached deals with major credit card companies and will equip new iPhone with mobile payment system
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Killer whale population declining in Puget Sound

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 12:55pm
Endangered orcas off Washington state are at their lowest numbers in almost 30 years
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Samsung needs a hit with Galaxy Note 4

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 12:18pm
Which smartphone is biggest and best? Competition is about to heat up
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Celebrities hacked: How safe are your cloud photos and data?

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 11:34am
CNET senior editor Dan Ackerman discusses the vulnerability of storing your information online, and the best ways to protect yourself
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Beware of knockoffs in app stores

Mon, 09/01/2014 - 4:25am
All stores struggle with some low-quality apps, but Microsoft's problem was much more pronounced until it took action
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How tennis is moving into the future

Sat, 08/30/2014 - 10:58am
Smart racket allows players to record swing speed, spin, where the ball hits the frame, while smart courts record every move a player makes
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Remembering Space Shuttle Discovery, 30 years later

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 9:11pm
Discovery blasted the American space program to new heights and revived American the space program more than once. Kylie Atwood reports.
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App connects good Samaritans to those in need

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 8:55pm
A new smartphone app in Britain is connecting good Samaritans to people who need help in an emergency. Alphonso Van Marsh reports.
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3 companies vie to build space shuttle successor

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 8:52pm
NASA getting ready to award $4 billion contract to design new craft to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station
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Good Samaritan app could make life-saving connections

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 7:46pm
Doctor designs app to connect emergency responders with those in need
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iPads improve language skills in autistic kids

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 6:48pm
A study finds regular use of personal tablets may help severely autistic children learn and retain more words
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iPads may help kids with autism communicate

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 3:43pm
A third of autistic children are still having difficulty speaking at age 5, even after years of early intervention. UCLA researchers are discovering that tablets and iPads can help those children learn to communicate. Danielle Nottingham reports from Los Angeles.
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Google tests drone delivery

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 3:43pm
The drone is part of a research project called “Project Wing,” which was built by Google engineers as part of their secret research group called “X.” Google released video and details of the drone tested conducted in Australia
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"Jeopardy!"-winning computer breaks new ground

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 3:12pm
IBM's Watson has a new mission: Using its artificial intelligence capabilities to advance science and medicine
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Smart shirts arrive at U.S. Open

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 8:56am
The Ralph Lauren polo tech shirt allows players to track their heartbeat, respiration and movement
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ISIS recruits fighters through powerful online campaign

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 8:37am
Short promotional videos show softer side of jihad, urging viewers to sign up for Islamist extremism
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Small volcanic eruption in Iceland, but no ash yet

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 8:36am
Authorities raise aviation alert to highest level but all airports in Iceland open; ash in atmosphere can wreak havoc with air travel
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Part-Time Scientists compete for Google Lunar XPrize

Fri, 08/29/2014 - 8:03am
CNET's Tim Stevens is tracking the Google Lunar XPrize competition around the world. His latest stop was Germany, where a team called Part-Time Scientists tested its robotic camera gear on a simulated lunar landscape.
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