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Janet Jackson shows off growing baby bump

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 7:57pm
The "Control" singer has that pregnancy glow
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Mary J. Blige: I will never sing in an interview again

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 7:15pm
Mary J. Blige ex[plained why she decided to sing Bruce Springsteen’s “American Skin (41 Shots)" to Hillary Clinton
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Jay Z signs production deal with Weinstein Co.

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 6:16pm
The Tidal boss his sights set on film and TV
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Country stars Maddie & Tae on touring with Brad Paisley

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 5:17pm
The country duo talked about the inspiration behind their designs
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World's largest Elvis gathering

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 4:52pm
The many faces of Elvis at the Elvies
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Jesse Williams stars in new Save the Day election video

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 4:44pm
The get-out-the-vote initiative Joss Whedon started is done joking around
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Commentary: The curious case of Alicia Machado

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 4:14pm
The former Miss Universe and current Clinton advocate has lived a fascinating life, so why isn't the press talking about it?
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Store owner who handed Springsteen first guitar claims Trump stiffed him

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 4:12pm
Trump owed Michael Diehl $100,000 for an order of pianos -- and he only paid him a portion of that amount
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Trayvon Martin's parents to write book on slain son

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 3:53pm
The book will be released on Jan. 31, just a month before the fifth anniversary of the slain teen’s death
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Supreme Court to review case crucial to Redskins trademark fight

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 1:54pm
The Supreme Court will hear a First Amendment challenge over the government’s refusal to register offensive trademarks
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Get to know about trans child actor Jason Millarker

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 1:49pm
"Modern Family" featured the first openly transgender child actor Wednesday night
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Alec Baldwin to play Donald Trump on "SNL"

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 1:08pm
“Saturday Night Live” has made a YUGE decision: It has chosen Alec Baldwin to impersonate GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump
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Hip hop mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs on his move from "me" to "we"

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 12:30pm
Combs shares his road to becoming one of the wealthiest hip hop artists, how 2016 has been a transformational year, and why he would never get involved in politics
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Brad Pitt skips premiere to focus on "family situation"

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 12:27pm
The actor didn’t attend the premiere of Terrence Malick’s new documentary Wednesday night as scheduled
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Soap opera creator Agnes Nixon dead at 93

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 12:20am
She just completed her memoir, "My Life to Live," on Sunday
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Kim Kardashian accosted again by Fashion Week prankster

Wed, 09/28/2016 - 8:54pm
Serial celebrity-accosting prankster Vitalii Sediuk has struck again at his favorite target, Kim Kardashian
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Gary Glasberg, "NCIS" showrunner, is dead at 50

Wed, 09/28/2016 - 8:32pm
Glasberg, who also created "NCIS: New Orleans," passed away in his sleep Wednesday
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Lin-Manuel Miranda to host “SNL”

Wed, 09/28/2016 - 8:05pm
Expect a lot of "Hamilton" jokes on this episode of "SNL"
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Idina Menzel shows off engagement ring

Wed, 09/28/2016 - 7:48pm
Things are going from great to even greater for actress and singer Idina Menzel this week
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Courteney Cox sticks up for pal Jennifer Aniston

Wed, 09/28/2016 - 7:39pm
Courteney Cox expressed concern that Jennifer Aniston is being dragged into all the Brangelina divorce drama
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