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Man attacked by alligator in Florida

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 1:27am
Another alligator attack happened Tuesday in Bushnell, Florida

What Donald Trump told CBS News about fundraising

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 12:25am
Donald Trump has a new explanation for Hillary Clinton's $40 million dollar lead in fundraising

Clinton: Trump will "bankrupt America"

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 12:23am
Hillary Clinton said in a speech on Tuesday that Donald Trump, the presumptive GOP nominee will "bankrupt America."

Wildfires merge near Los Angeles

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 12:16am
Two wildfires have merged in Southern California and are moving closer to Los Angeles

FBI: Indiana teen planned to join ISIS

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 12:13am
An 18-year-old was arrested boarding a New York City bound bus. The FBI said that the man planned to joins ISIS

New anti-Trump campaign gaining support

Wed, 06/22/2016 - 12:12am
A new anti-Trump campaign is gaining support, with nearly 400 delegates saying they'll block Trump from getting the party's nomination at the Cleveland convention

Man who says he was Omar Mateen's gay lover speaks out

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 11:52pm
In an interview with Univision, a man claims he first met Omar Mateen on the gay dating app Grindr, that the pair was "friends with benefits"

Another alligator attacks man in Florida

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 11:36pm
Sumter County Sheriff's Office said an eight-and-a-half-foot-long, 300 pound alligator attacked a 58-year-old man Tuesday not far from Orlando

6/21: Southwest heat wave fuels 21 wildfires; "Mississippi Burning" murder case officially closed

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 11:23pm
The full episode of the CBS Evening News from the June 21, 2016 edition

Ferocious wildfires scorch Calif. as extreme heat wave starts to ease

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 10:51pm
Intense heat wave cools slightly as firefighters try to get upper hand on blazes, urging residents to stay on alert

"Mississippi Burning" murder case officially closed

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 10:11pm
Fifty-two years ago, three civil rights workers were murdered by the Ku Klux Klan in Mississippi

Chicago mom furious over lead paint in HUD housing

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 10:01pm
The Department of Housing and Urban Development provides rent subsidies for millions of poor families

Feds arrest Indianapolis-area teen accused of trying to join ISIS

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 9:56pm
FBI agents arrested 18-year-old as he tried to board a bus from Indianapolis to New York, where he was to fly to Morocco and on to territory controlled by ISIS

U.S. and Iraqi forces continue fight to reclaim Fallujah

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 9:55pm
The re-taking of Fallujah has been a major test for U.S. and Iraqi forces

Man who reported Mateen to FBI speaks out

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 9:54pm
A former acquaintance of Pulse nightclub shooter Omar Mateen says he tipped off the FBI when he became alarmed by Mateen's comments

Trump: Money raised by Clinton campaign is "blood money"

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 9:52pm
In an interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell, Donald Trump doubled down on his claims about "Crooked Hillary" Clinton and said he's unconcerned over her fundraising lead

Clinton portrays Trump as a con man

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 9:51pm
Hillary Clinton cited Donald Trump's past business record as proof that a President Trump would spell disaster for the U.S. economy

Southwest heat wave fuels 21 wildfires

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 9:46pm
More than 135,000 acres are charred as 21 fires blaze across the hot, dry West

Donald Trump: Hillary Clinton is raising "blood money"

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 9:46pm
Donald Trump tells "CBS This Morning" co-host Norah O'Donnell he isn't concerned about her fundraising lead

Fellow Muslim told FBI about gunman 2 years before Orlando shooting

Tue, 06/21/2016 - 9:04pm
"The fact that this person was a Muslim, and also that he was a Muslim from my community and someone that I knew .... very disturbing," man tells CBS News