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New movie "Hidden Figures" highlights work of NASA scientist Katherine Johnson

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 11:38pm
Acting as a sort of human computer, African-American mathematician Katherine Johnson made many of NASA's first missions possible.

WWII vet runs 3,000 miles across the U.S.

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:52pm
Ernie Andrus is 93 years old and just finished a three-year run across the country. His run from the Pacific to the Atlantic was to raise awareness about an unsung hero of the war. Steve Hartman met Ernie several times On the Road, and was there when he finished his journey.

Doctors puzzled by baby born with Zika virus

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:48pm
Eight-week-old Micaela is a medical mystery. She was exposed to the Zika virus in the womb, and was born with slight damage to one eye and stiffness on one side of her body. Now doctors are working to determine her prognosis. David Begnaud reports.

Study shows spike in traffic deaths in 2016

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:39pm
According to a new report, traffic deaths have surged 18 percent over the last two years. More than 19,000 died in the first half of 2016 alone. Kris Van Cleave reports federal regulators are still trying to understand what's behind the sudden change in traffic deaths.

Maine's Gov. LePage leaves obscene voicemail for lawmaker

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:22pm
In response to allegedly being called a racist by a Democratic lawmaker, Maine Gov. Paul LePage unleashed an explict verbal tirade. The message was left on the lawmaker's voicemail, and now the governor is facing some tough questions. Jim Axelrod reports.

Could Trump's "softening" on immigration anger his voter base?

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:22pm
Over the past few days, Donald Trump has sounded like a candidate trying to broaden his support. He's been busy smoothing over the rougher edges of his policies, like immigration. But in doing so, does he risk alienating his base? Dean Reynolds reports.

Mississippi town in shock after two nuns murdered

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:16pm
The murders of Sister Paula Merrill and Sister Margaret Held stunned the town of Durant, Mississippi. Both worked as nurse practitioners helping the poor and investigators are working every angle to find their killer. Omar Villafranca reports.

Traffic deaths spike in first half of 2016

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:10pm
The National Safety Council found that traffic fatalities in the first six months of 2016 jumped 18 percent over the same period in 2014

FDA: All blood donations should be tested for Zika

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:07pm
The FDA took an extraordinary step Friday, ordering all U.S. blood banks to begin screening for Zika. So far local infection cases have only been found in Florida, but the administration wants testing even in places where the virus is not present. Dr. Tara Narula explains what this means.

Judge won't block strict child vaccination law in California

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 9:44pm
State requires all schoolchildren be vaccinated and is one of the strictest in nation for eliminating exemptions based on religious, personal beliefs

Two nuns found dead in Mississippi home

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 9:36pm
A manhunt is underway after the brutal murder of two nuns in Mississippi. CBSN's Reena Nina and Tony Dokoupil have the latest.

Judge blocks transgender bathroom law in University of North Carolina case

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 8:54pm
University of North Carolina can't block two transgender students and an employee from using bathrooms that match their gender identity, judge temporarily rules

Maine governor leaves voicemail riddled with profanity

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 8:35pm
Maine Governor Paul LePage left an expletive-laced voicemail for a state representative who criticized him.

After outcry, officials make announcement on firetrucks' flags

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 7:55pm
Fire commissioners' orders to remove large flags from back of fire engines sparked controversy

Teen's disappearance before storm still a mystery 5 years later

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 7:27pm
"A kid shouldn't be able to disappear into thin air," says Marble Arvidson's aunt as family hopes new information comes to light

5 things you should do before you get into an Uber

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 7:22pm
Before you hop into one of those sleek black cars, take a minute to run through this Uber checklist

Did Hope Solo's punishment fit her crime?

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 6:56pm
For her unsportsmanlike comments, U.S. Soccer has suspended Hope Solo for six months; the same amount of time Michael Phelps was suspended for his 2014 DUI. Do you think it was fair?

Major city sees scores of heroin overdoses in 2 days

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 6:44pm
Police are asking for public's help in trying to identify source of suspected heroin behind overdoses

Photos of the week

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 6:13pm
The most compelling photos from the week's news, August 20-26, 2016

Clinton, Trump exchange bigotry barbs

Fri, 08/26/2016 - 6:02pm
Hillary Clinton has tied Donald Trump to the "alt-right" white nationalist movement, while he accuses her of being a "bigot." CBSN contributor Leslie Sanchez weighs in on the candidates comments.