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San Francisco archbishop defends strict teacher morality code

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 1:06pm
California lawmakers have called the morality clauses discriminatory and divisive

​"Frozen" Niagara Falls draws tourists to winter spectacle

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 12:47pm
Tourists brave sub-zero temperatures to witness awesome mountains of ice

Neurologist Oliver Sacks' moving essay on cancer diagnosis

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 12:31pm
At 81 years old, renowned author and neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks is coming to terms with his own mortality. In a poignant essay for The New York Times, Sacks revealed he has a deadly form of cancer and only months to live. Charlie Rose reports.

Another twist in apparent Las Vegas road rage killing

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 11:58am
After a two-hour standoff Thursday, Las Vegas police arrested a suspect in the apparent road rage shooting that left a mother of four dead. The case took a turn after it was revealed that the suspect and the mom knew each other. John Blackstone reports.

This Morning from CBS News, Feb. 20, 2015

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 11:36am
Much of U.S. in grip of bitter cold; CBS News poll reveals strong opinions on measles and vaccinations; battling ISIS in social media

Weather forecast: Even more cold and snow to come

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 11:27am
Lonnie Quinn, chief meteorologist of New York station WCBS, has the day's forecast.

Midwest left shivering from ice and dangerous cold

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 11:26am
The relentless cold is freezing the Great Lakes, and 98 percent of Lake Erie is covered by ice. That does not happen very often. The brutal weather is also being blamed for dozens of accidents. Dean Reynolds reports from Chicago, where the weather is causing its own lake effect.

Southern cold and power outages blamed for several deaths

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 11:20am
This freezing weather is blamed for at least 19 deaths in the past week, with at least 11 in Tennessee where the cold has been relentless. Cuthbert Langley of CBS affiliate WTVF reports from Nashville, where another snow and ice storm headed its way.

Bitter cold grips East, Midwest as South faces new snow, ice threat

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 10:31am
While much of the country is battling temperatures well below freezing, residents from New York to Chicago seek to stay positive

L.A. "superbug" patient in grave condition: lawyer

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 9:51am
At least 7 people infected; officials say there is no wide public health threat; maker of device in focus is being probed by feds

​Malcolm X: A look back at the charismatic leader

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 9:39am
50 years after his assassination, his daughter reflects on his legacy and close relationship with CBS News' Mike Wallace

NFL rivals consider sharing Los Angeles-area stadium

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 3:20am
LA hasn't had a professional football team for 20 years, but 2 NFL teams say they're interested in sharing a Southern California stadium

Adorable alert: Red pandas love the snow!

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 2:32am
Red pandas at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden had a ton of fun during their snow day.

Foul play: Man body slams female teacher during basketball game

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 2:03am
A Florida man is under arrest after picking up a female teacher and slamming her to the ground during a school basketball game.

Defense rests in "American Sniper" murder trial

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 1:37am
Eddie Ray Routh's lawyers using insanity defense; ex-Marine is charged with gunning down "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle and another man

2/19: Deep freeze continues, descending below zero; Iwo Jima survivors recall 1945 battle

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 1:19am
In much of the Northeast, a Siberian express will make it feel like it's double-digits below zero; and, seventy years after the battle of Iwo Jima, two survivors provide perspective on the offensive that is best remembered for an iconic photograph of U.S. Marines raising an American flag.

Fatal police shooting sparks protests as social media images emerge

Fri, 02/20/2015 - 12:50am
Investigators in Washington state are asking for eyewitnesses and video of police officers shooting a man who allegedly threw rocks at them

Battle of Iwo Jima recalled by veterans 70 years later

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 10:22pm
"None of us doing the fighting thought that was the end by a long shot," said a veteran of the raising of the American flag.

Brutal cold snap goes way down south

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 10:03pm
With below zero temperatures in much of the south, many are losing power and are desperate for heat

Suspect in apparent Vegas road rage case in custody

Thu, 02/19/2015 - 10:00pm
Police have arrested a suspect in shooting of a Las Vegas mother last week. "48 Hours" Crimesider reporter Michelle Sigona has the details.