Alaskan walrus cam is back

CBS Sci-Tech - Fri, 05/22/2015 - 12:55pm
Dormant for a decade due to funding cuts, the live streams allow up-close views of walruses that few ever see in person
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Dog catches bucket, then catches balls with the bucket

CBS Sci-Tech - Fri, 05/22/2015 - 12:34pm
Nick Dietz compiles some of the latest and greatest viral videos
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New tech helps quadriplegic control robotic arm with mind

CBS Sci-Tech - Fri, 05/22/2015 - 11:12am
Researchers say they're excited about a new brain implant that allowed a paralyzed patient to control a robotic arm with his mind. Erik Sorto is the first in the world to have this new neural prosthetic device. Elaine Quijano reports.
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Life-changing tech helps paralyzed patient move robotic arm

CBS Sci-Tech - Fri, 05/22/2015 - 9:06am
An injury left Erik Sorto unable to use his arms or legs, but now he's the first to use a device giving him new-found freedom
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Bringing rocket science to design

CBS Sci-Tech - Fri, 05/22/2015 - 8:35am
Jessica Banks was an astrophysicist at NASA; then she started RockPaperRobot and innovated the design of furniture and homes by incorporating advanced physics.
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See Venus and the moon shine bright tonight

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 8:57pm
As darkness falls, the two brightest objects of the night will be calling attention to themselves in the western sky
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Magnificent microscopic creatures of the seas

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 8:01pm
An epic scientific trip around the globe highlighted the oceans' unseen heroes; here are some of the biggest stars
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Global ocean census uncovers trove of unknown life

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 7:40pm
Three-year expedition collected 35,000 specimens, providing an unprecedented view of the world's microscopic marine life
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Top 10 coolest new species

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 7:12pm
The stars of the latest crop of newly discovered species include a "chicken from hell" and an adorable, artistic pufferfish
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Calif. oil cleanup begins as environmental questions linger

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 6:51pm
Workers are attempting to clean a nine-mile oil slick on the California coast as a state emergency is declared, but officials are still determining any damage
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RockPaperRobot brings physics to your home

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 6:09pm
When you think of astrophysics, you probably don't think of furniture, but one designer is trying to change that
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Listen up! Spotify adding video content

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 5:04pm
Streaming service hopes to be a one-stop-shop for entertainment expanding into video content and music tailored to your activities
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Scientists get closest look at mystery spots on Ceres

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 4:40pm
New images from NASA's Dawn mission are helping unravel the source of several strange bright lights on the dwarf planet
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Will smartwatches lure drivers to more distractions?

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 4:26pm
Lawsuit seeks $1 billion annual safety campaign to prevent watches from interrupting drivers
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One World Trade Center time-lapse elevators reveal sunset, evening city views

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 4:22pm
Traveling 102 floors in under 60 seconds, the nighttime journey up the skyscraper reflects the light outside. The floor-to-ceiling monitors recreate the construction of New York City from the 16th century to the present.
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Fitness tracker attempts to measure muscle quality

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 3:52pm
Skulpt Aim claims to track muscle strength and definition as well as fat percentage for different parts of your body
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Glimpse of Bronze Age girl's daily life from hair, clothes

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 2:51pm
New analyses of famous find, 3,400-year-old "Egtved girl," show she was well traveled and likely a priestess of the sun
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​Large Hadron Collider breaks proton-smashing record

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 2:49pm
CERN scientists set off particle collisions at full power for the first time late Wednesday
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Spotify adding video to streaming service

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 1:40pm
Music-streaming service Spotify is branching out into video. CNET's Bridget Carey joins CBSN with more on the potential impact.
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Dog struggles to find puppies trapped inside a laptop

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 05/21/2015 - 1:04pm
Nick Dietz compiles some of the latest and greatest viral videos, including a dog confused by the concept of video and the icons of popular Internet culture in a Delta flight safety demonstration.
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