Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin tests sub-orbital spacecraft

CBS Sci-Tech - Thu, 04/30/2015 - 6:25am
In dramatic, partially successful test flight, Amazon founder's company launched craft to altitude of 58 miles; company intends to compete for space tourism business
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One-third of kids use touchscreens by age one

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 9:41pm
New research finds many kids are digitally literate before they can even talk, and toddlers are spending an hour a day on devices
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NASA probe detects possible polar cap on Pluto

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 8:33pm
Two months from a historic flyby of Pluto, New Horizons is now detecting surface features on the icy world for the first time
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Is your city one of the country's most polluted?

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 7:47pm
An American Lung Association report found 44 percent of Americans live in counties where the air is unhealthy to breathe
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Dinosaur fossil with bat wings is first of its kind

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 5:08pm
"It's a totally bizarre animal. We believe it can fly, though it probably was not a great flyer"
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Uber going beyond just offering rides

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 4:57pm
Uber is rolling out a new service that allows drivers to transport packages and deliver food. CNET's Jeff Bakalar provides details.
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LG introduces new smartphone

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 4:56pm
LG is rolling out a new smartphone model, but can it break into a highly competitive market? CNET's Jeff Bakalar goes over the phone's features.
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Toddlers swipe and scroll before learning to walk

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 4:04pm
A new study found that by age 2, more than a third of children have spent at least an hour a day on digital devices. Pediatrician Dr. Laura Jana joins CBSN to discuss whether the "device generation" is cause for concern.
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Images show planet Mercury in amazing technicolor

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 3:03pm
A day before NASA's Messenger is set to crash land into Mercury, the space agency released these stunning pictures
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Russia abandons effort to salvage ISS supply ship

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 2:48pm
Russian flight controllers called off attempts to save a wayward space station cargo ship that spun out of control after launch
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Wastewater "sewage to suds" beer brewing challenge

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 1:43pm
Can home brewers make great-tasting beer using water with an unappetizing history?
Categories: Business & Technology

Jay Z to perform rare songs to plug Tidal

CBS Sci-Tech - Wed, 04/29/2015 - 1:04pm
Rapper is breaking out his B-sides to hype his fledgling music streaming service
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These are the 15 nominees for the Video Game Hall of Fame

CBS Sci-Tech - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 8:03pm
The first gaming Hall of Fame will open this summer in New York. Which games would you choose for the honor?
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LG unveils new flagship G4 smartphone

CBS Sci-Tech - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 7:06pm
With a crisp display on the front and luxe leather on the back, the G4 aims for a more premium feel
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How do you find a Burmese python in the Everglades?

CBS Sci-Tech - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 6:03pm
Scientists for the first time have tracked the invasive predators as they terrorize the national park
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New software unlocks phone by recognizing owner's ear

CBS Sci-Tech - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 4:34pm
Yahoo is developing a new technology that can unlock your phone by recognizing your ear. CNET's Bridget Carey goes over the new feature and how this will impact cell phone security.
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Vatican brings dose of morality to climate debate

CBS Sci-Tech - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 4:21pm
A Vatican conference on the environment is the latest sign that Pope Francis wants to make climate change a top priority
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Millions of H-bomb-sized explosions heat sun's corona

CBS Sci-Tech - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 3:30pm
Scientists believe nanoflares are the reason why the sun's atmosphere is almost 300 times hotter than the surface
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You could soon unlock your phone with your ear print

CBS Sci-Tech - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 3:22pm
An experimental system uses your smartphone's touchscreen as a sensor that can do more than read a fingerprint
Categories: Business & Technology

Video calling now on Facebook messenger

CBS Sci-Tech - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 2:25pm
Facebook is adding a video chatting feature to its messenger app. CNET's Bridget Carey breaks down what this means for Facebook's users and competitors.
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