France considers ban on anorexic models

CBS Health - Tue, 03/17/2015 - 3:43pm
Proposal would punish advertisers, modeling agencies and websites that glorify excessive thinness
Categories: Health & Fitness

Teen forced into chemo asks court to let her go home

CBS Health - Tue, 03/17/2015 - 2:39pm
Connecticut girl's cancer is in remission after a court ordered her to undergo chemotherapy against her will
Categories: Health & Fitness

One factor that raises women's cancer risk 40 percent

CBS Health - Tue, 03/17/2015 - 1:52pm
You may not be able to do anything about your genetic risk, but doctors say this is something you can control
Categories: Health & Fitness

Diet sodas linked to increase in belly fat

CBS Health - Tue, 03/17/2015 - 12:48pm
Study finds seniors who drank a lot of diet soda gained more weight around their waistlines
Categories: Health & Fitness

Drinking diet soda linked to belly fat

CBS Health - Tue, 03/17/2015 - 9:16am
Doctors in Texas have released a new warning for older Americans who drink diet soda. And, the possible impact of exercise on tumors. Eboni Williams has some of the day's top health stories.
Categories: Health & Fitness

The health worry that sidelined NFL's Sidney Rice

CBS Health - Tue, 03/17/2015 - 7:04am
"My story is unique because I'm willing to talk about it," said Rice. The former wide receiver for the Seattle Seahawks tells CBS News he doesn't regret any time on the field but wishes he had better judgment after getting "many concussions."
Categories: Health & Fitness

Doctors say low-risk patients should not get cardiac stress tests

CBS Health - Tue, 03/17/2015 - 12:12am
Doctors are providing new recommendations about cardiac stress tests, saying that they should not be given to patients who are at a low risk.
Categories: Health & Fitness

A change of heart for cardiac screening

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 9:03pm
The American College of Physicians is recommending doctors scale back the use of stress tests on certain patients
Categories: Health & Fitness

Alabama man, nurse reunited after 40 years

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 8:15pm
Facebook helps family find a nurse whose kindness was never forgotten -- inspiring the hashtag #NurseKathy
Categories: Health & Fitness

Standing desk dilemma: Too much time on your feet?

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 8:02pm
If you're one of the people standing up to traditional office desk culture, you probably wonder if you're doing it the right way
Categories: Health & Fitness

American Ebola patient takes a turn for the worse

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 4:44pm
Officials issue an update on the condition of the health care worker infected while helping others in Sierra Leone
Categories: Health & Fitness

Doctors perform first successful penis transplant

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 4:35pm
A medical team in South Africa performed the operation on a young man who suffered a botched circumcision
Categories: Health & Fitness

For Arianna Huffington, sleep is the "biggest enhancement tool"

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 4:16pm
After launching a six-week course with, Huffington Post editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington shares her first step to getting better rest
Categories: Health & Fitness

How Coke markets itself as a "healthy snack"

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 1:52pm
Coca-Cola marketing effort highlights ways big food companies seek to shape their image
Categories: Health & Fitness

New type of drug could be cholesterol breakthrough

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 11:45am
Doctors are "very excited and encouraged" by the impact these experimental drugs have on bad cholesterol and heart disease
Categories: Health & Fitness

New cholesterol drug could be biggest advance since statins

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 11:36am
Studies show the new drug slashes bad cholesterol, or "LDL," by up to 61 percent. It cuts heart attacks and strokes by more than to half. Cardiologist Dr. Tara Narula joins "CBS This Morning" to explain what she saw during the announcements at the American College of Cardiology conference in San Diego.
Categories: Health & Fitness

How pediatricians can help prevent smoking

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 9:37am
A new study reveals the impact pediatricians can have on stopping young people from smoking. And recommendations on reducing the expense of cancer treatments. Eboni Williams has some of the day's top health stories.
Categories: Health & Fitness

The booming business of sleep

CBS Health - Mon, 03/16/2015 - 8:38am
From high-tech gadgets to sleep spas, a $32 billion a year industry is responding to demand for a good night's rest
Categories: Health & Fitness

Americans returning from Africa for Ebola monitoring

CBS Health - Sat, 03/14/2015 - 8:42pm
Patients to be quarantined at 3 hospitals that have successfully treated Ebola patients during current outbreak, CDC says
Categories: Health & Fitness

New approach in fighting brain cancer may help lengthen patients' lives

CBS Health - Sat, 03/14/2015 - 11:37am
Researchers may have found a better way to make our natural immune systems fight cancer. And, a special problem study links parental praise to narcissism in kids. Doctors Jon LaPook and Holly Phillips join "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to tell us more about these developments.
Categories: Health & Fitness


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