Music and the Brain

CBS Health - 28 min 47 sec ago
"Music and the Brain" is an educational program created by Lisha Lercari, an educator on a mission to promote the creative benefits of teaching music to young children. Michelle Miller reports.
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Putting a face on rare, incurable diseases

CBS Health - 2 hours 21 min ago
Lucas Kolasa is an artist and curator of Beyond the Diagnosis, an exhibition of portraits of children facing illnesses for which there are no known cures
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Artist puts focus on children with rare diseases

CBS Health - 2 hours 24 min ago
Thousands of rare diseases have no treatment options; with so few people suffering from them, most researchers and pharmaceutical companies see no incentive for developing cures. Artist Lucas Kolasa has put together an art exhibit that puts faces to these rare, fatal diseases affecting children. Jim Axelrod reports.
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Obama steps up pressure on Congress for Zika funding

CBS Health - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 1:59pm
President blasts Republicans in Congress for refusing to approve requested amount to fight against Zika
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The Dish: Chef Michael Chernow

CBS Health - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 12:21pm
Chef Michael Chernow got his start working in restaurants as a teenager. In 2009, the lifelong New Yorker and his childhood friend, Daniel Holzman, opened their first "Meatball Shop" in New York City. Five more locations followed, and now, Chernow is bringing local seafood to the city with his new restaurant, "Seamore's." Chef Chernow joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to share his story and signature dishes.
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Morning Rounds: Man reflects on historic face transplant one year later

CBS Health - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 11:35am
In this Morning Rounds series, CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook speaks to the former American firefighter who received a groundbreaking face transplant last year. Also, he is joined by Dr. Tara Narula on "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to discuss the growing battle against Zika and the link between genetics and coffee consumption.
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Eye Opener: Democrats push Donald Trump on race as he courts Latinos

CBS Health - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 10:22am
Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton accuse each other of bigotry in a rush of new attacks. Also, France is fashioning a new balance between security and personal freedom with the overturn of a burkini ban. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds. Get the Eye Opener delivered straight to your inbox.
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8/26: FDA: All blood donations should be tested for Zika; WWII vet runs 3,000 miles across the U.S.

CBS Health - Sat, 08/27/2016 - 12:48am
The FDA took an extraordinary step Friday, ordering all U.S. blood banks to begin screening for Zika; Ernie Andrus is 93 years old and just finished a three-year run across the country.
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Doctors puzzled by baby born with Zika virus

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:48pm
Eight-week-old Micaela is a medical mystery. She was exposed to the Zika virus in the womb, and was born with slight damage to one eye and stiffness on one side of her body. Now doctors are working to determine her prognosis. David Begnaud reports.
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FDA: All blood donations should be tested for Zika

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 10:07pm
The FDA took an extraordinary step Friday, ordering all U.S. blood banks to begin screening for Zika. So far local infection cases have only been found in Florida, but the administration wants testing even in places where the virus is not present. Dr. Tara Narula explains what this means.
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Baby born with Zika virus is medical mystery

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 9:54pm
A baby born in Miami with Zika virus, despite showing no signs of it before birth, has medical professionals stumped
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Judge won't block strict child vaccination law in California

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 9:44pm
State requires all schoolchildren be vaccinated and is one of the strictest in nation for eliminating exemptions based on religious, personal beliefs
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Zika spread through sex by symptom-free man

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 8:09pm
In the first case of its kind in the U.S., Zika was spread by someone who wasn't showing any symptoms of the virus
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Study says men are more attractive with hair

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 5:41pm
A new survey finds hair transplants really can make men look younger. Dr. David Cangello joins CBSN to talk about cosmetic surgery for balding men.
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What people really think of men with hair transplants

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 5:38pm
A new survey asked people to compare side-by-side photos to gauge the impact of this cosmetic procedure
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K2 drug users "playing a game of Russian roulette"

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 3:05pm
EMS chief warns of "lethal combination" as dozens of people are treated for bad reactions to the synthetic drug in Austin, Texas
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FDA says blood supply should be screened for Zika

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 2:42pm
Officials are taking new steps to check blood donations as Zika continues to spread in Florida
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EpiPen maker slammed for "PR move" in price controversy

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 1:33pm
Meanwhile, Mylan CEO tried to reframe the debate on how the prices of the life-saving device rose from about $100 to more than $600
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Sarah Jessica Parker cuts ties with EpiPen over price hikes

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 12:57pm
The actress, whose son has severe allergies, says she's “disappointed, saddened and deeply concerned” by company's actions
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What are teens vaping? Some experts are surprised

CBS Health - Fri, 08/26/2016 - 12:45pm
A new study suggests most teen e-cigarette users are attracted by something other than nicotine
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