US judge sentences cartel lieutenant to 22 years

CBS World News - Mon, 11/24/2014 - 7:42pm
Alfredo Vasquez-Hernandez, a reputed lieutenant of captured Mexican drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman, was sentenced to 22 years in prison on Monday

Rand Paul to introduce resolution declaring war on ISIS

CBS World News - Mon, 11/24/2014 - 6:27pm
Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says the current war on ISIS is illegal until Congress authorizes it

Another Czech minister gets poisoned envelope

CBS World News - Mon, 11/24/2014 - 5:13pm
Deadly amounts of cyanide-like material in envelopes to officials; reasons for targeting still unknown

2 American troops among 50 killed in Afghan attacks

CBS World News - Mon, 11/24/2014 - 4:24pm
Series of attacks on volleyball tournament, troop convoy, and other locales lend to deadliest insurgent assault this year

"Jewish state" bill fuels fire in divided Israel

CBS World News - Mon, 11/24/2014 - 1:52pm
Netanyahu's bid to enshrine contentious terminology in law, nix Arabic as official language, draws threat from inside his cabinet

​Trove of Nazi-looted art headed to Swiss museum

CBS World News - Mon, 11/24/2014 - 11:25am
Officials will first determine whether any of hundreds of works uncovered in Munich apartment in 2012 can be traced to original Jewish owners

"No one wants this to fall apart"

CBS World News - Mon, 11/24/2014 - 10:11am
Iran nuclear talks seem unlikely to yield a big breakthrough, and some fear a mere extension could doom the process

Suicide attack at Afghanistan volleyball tournament condemned

CBS World News - Sun, 11/23/2014 - 11:39pm
Olympics officials called a suicide bombing at the Kabul game that killed at least 45 "cowardly"

U.S. tells Iran to consider extending nuclear negotiations

CBS World News - Sun, 11/23/2014 - 7:26pm
The move marks the first formal recognition by Washington that a deal on Iran's nuclear program won't be reached by the midnight Monday deadline

Malaysia Airlines Flight 17: Last of wreckage collected

CBS World News - Sun, 11/23/2014 - 3:45pm
Four months after it was shot down, international investigators finally recover all plane and human remains in war-torn Ukraine

Fire in London train station causes evacuation

CBS World News - Sun, 11/23/2014 - 3:43pm
One of London's busiest railway stations, Charing Cross, was evacuated after a fire caused by a suspected electrical fault, the British Transport Police said.

Sudan asks U.N. mission to leave Darfur

CBS World News - Sun, 11/23/2014 - 3:36pm
Investigation into mass rape claim in long-troubled region raises tensions between monitoring group and Sudanese government

Child soldiers become integral part of ISIS' army

CBS World News - Sun, 11/23/2014 - 12:58pm
Suicide bombers, guards, cooks, spies: kids as young as 10 openly recruited into terror group's campaign "in a systematic and organized manner"

President for life? Vladimir Putin opens up

CBS World News - Sun, 11/23/2014 - 12:06pm
The divisive Russian president discusses how his "own mood" will affect how many more times he runs for reelection

No deal between U.S. and Turkey on Syria, fighting ISIS

CBS World News - Sun, 11/23/2014 - 3:16am
After meeting with Turkish president, VP Biden announces new U.S. aid to help Syrian refugees but no developments on Turkey's coalition role

GOP-led House panel releases Benghazi probe findings

CBS World News - Sat, 11/22/2014 - 10:58pm
Two-year investigation of politically charged incident determines whether series of persistent allegations were valid

Obama quietly broadens U.S. mission in Afghanistan

CBS World News - Sat, 11/22/2014 - 5:26pm
U.S. troops remaining in Afghanistan, previously limited to counterterrorism against al Qaeda, can target Taliban fighters if threatened

Earthquake hits central Japan

CBS World News - Sat, 11/22/2014 - 12:35pm
Japanese authorities measure preliminary magnitude at 6.8

Two days remain for U.S. to strike nuclear deal with Iran

CBS World News - Sat, 11/22/2014 - 11:55am
There are only two days remaining until the deadline for nuclear talks between Iran and other world powers. U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is in Vienna for the talks, where he extended a face-to-face meeting with his Iranian counterpart. Margaret Brennan reports from Vienna.

British police have spied on reporters for years, documents show

CBS World News - Fri, 11/21/2014 - 5:12pm
"Police officers we'd never even met before knew our names and seemed to know a hell of a lot about us," says one reporter


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