Mount Everest avalanche survivor recounts escape

CBS World News - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 1:04pm
Dozens of climbers are waiting for rescue at Mount Everest's base camp after a deadly avalanche. Four Americans are among the 18 people who died in the disaster. Jim Davidson of Colorado survived the avalanche and joins "CBS This Morning" to describe what he witnessed.

Auschwitz survivor: Ex-Nazi guard's trial is "satisfaction"

CBS World News - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 12:54pm
Woman who lost 49 members in Holocaust makes comments after another survivor shared embrace with former SS Sgt. Oskar Groening

Nepal earthquake

CBS World News - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 12:48pm

Sentence upped for capt. of sunken South Korea ferry

CBS World News - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 12:21pm
Appellate court changes guilty verdict against Sewol captain to "homicide by willful negligence"

Ukraine: Rebels using rockets banned by peace deal

CBS World News - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 11:09am
Army says rebels firing Grad rockets at government held town as president warns "war could start at any moment"

Desperate attempt to save trapped climbers on Mount Everest

CBS World News - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 10:42am
Search crews have rescued climbers stranded high up on Mount Everest, but dozens of others are still stuck at the base camp. Eighteen people died there in an avalanche after the Nepal earthquake. Seth Doane reports from Kathmandu, Nepal, where he spoke with some of the people airlifted off of the mountain.

Rescuers in Nepal searching remote villages for earthquake survivors

CBS World News - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 10:40am
The death toll from Saturday's earthquake in Nepal has reached above 4,000, as searchers continue to look for victims and survivors in smaller towns and villages outside the capital of Kathmandu. Heavy rain is making conditions harder for survivors and rescue workers. Holly Williams visited the town of Bhaktapur, Nepal, where more than 200 people lost their lives in the quake.

Tough job for rescuers plucking climbers off Everest

CBS World News - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 9:54am
With base camp on world's highest mountain in ruins after killer avalanche, those who've made it down have harrowing stories to tell

Fears Nepal quake toll could more than double

CBS World News - Tue, 04/28/2015 - 8:12am
Full scale of Himalayan disaster to come clear as crews helicopter into remote villages near epicenter

​Desperate search for survivors unfolding in Nepal

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 8:21pm
CBS News' Holly Williams is in Kathmandu where the dead are being counted by the thousands

IAEA Director General raises doubts about Iran deal

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 8:07pm
In an interview with CBS News foreign affairs analyst Pamela Falk, Yukiya Amano, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, revealed that he's doubtful of a deal and Iran's disclosures on IAEA concerns remain limited.

Medical crisis in Nepal in earthquake aftermath

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 6:29pm
"Today is still a hopeful day" for finding survivors, but the clock is ticking and thousands need urgent medical attention

U.N. nuclear watchdog optimistic about Iran deal, but still harbors concerns

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 6:29pm
Director General Yukio Amano welcomes the six-party nuclear talks, but says that Iran's disclosures on IAEA concerns remain limited

The Confederacy is celebrated way south of The South

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 4:26pm
A rural Brazilian town colonized by families fleeing Reconstruction hosts large "Festa dos Confederados" to celebrate Civil War's end

How to help the Nepal earthquake victims

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 4:10pm
Dozens of organizations have members on the ground in Nepal and have launched online fundraisers to help victims

Everest quake devastation

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 3:29pm
The catastrophic earthquake that struck Nepal over the weekend sparked a series of avalanches on Everest, leaving 18 hikers dead and base camp in ruins

U.S. Green Berets in Nepal for training stay to help with quake relief

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 3:28pm
Crew of cargo plane that brought soldiers to Nepal also is remaining in case of a request to evacuate any American citizens

3 tons of illegal ivory seized

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 2:59pm
In the second-biggest ivory smuggling bust in the country's history, more than 500 elephant tusks, worth $6 million, were seized upon arrival at a major port in eastern Thailand. The ivory was hidden in tea leaf sacks from Kenya.

Thailand seizes 3 tons of smuggled elephant tusks

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 2:52pm
The country's second largest bust, and the second in a week, uncovered 511 tusks from Kenya hidden in bags of tea

"60 Minutes:" Satellite security targeted in space

CBS World News - Mon, 04/27/2015 - 2:04pm
Newly developed anti-satellite weapons are threatening national intelligence and communications. CBS News' David Martin joined CBSN to talk about the dangers the technology proposes.


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