Whole Foods investigating $6 asparagus water

CBS US News - Wed, 08/05/2015 - 12:59am
After a photo of $6 "asparagus water" on sale at Whole Foods made the rounds on the Internet, the supermarket chain said it doesn't actually sell such a product

Brady testified he never tampered with footballs

CBS US News - Wed, 08/05/2015 - 12:13am
In a newly released transcript of his testimony to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, Patriots quarterback denies the "Deflategate" accusations

Iggy Azalea debuts new nose on "Seventeen" cover

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
Australian rapper Amethyst "Iggy" Azalea opened up to "Seventeen" magazine about recent plastic surgery on her nose, which was featured on the issue's cover

Family of Sandra Bland suing arresting officer

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
The family of Sandra Bland, who was arrested for allegedly assaulting a police officer and found hanged in her jail cell, is suing her arresting officer and others

Kermit and Miss Piggy announce split

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
After over three decades of romance started from the nursery, Kermit and Miss Piggy have announced their plans to separate via Twitter

Man arrested after shots fired at National Mall

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
Police say no one was injured from gunshots fired inside a car at the location; no monuments were closed

Boater reportedly opens fire on Wash. marina

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
A marina in Lakebay, Wash. has been evacuated after a boater reportedly opened fire using a shotgun

ISIS lures young boys for suicide missions

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
ISIS is drafting children -- boys as young as 8 -- for suicide missions, fighting and executions

Boater opens fire at Washington state marina

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
Lakebay Marina in Washington is being evacuated after a man fired rounds into the air from a boat; claims to have strapped bombs to fuel tanks

Lawsuit aims to put "Happy Birthday" in public domain

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
Warner Music Group currently owns the copyright to the song "Happy Birthday"

NYC outbreak of Legionnaires' disease draws scrutiny

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
At least 7 deaths in the Bronx have been linked to Legionnaires' disease

Trump leads GOP race in CBS News poll

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
A CBS News poll shows that 26 percent of Republican voters think Donald Trump would be most likely to win the general election

Victims' families offer emotional testimony at Holmes trial

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
As jury weighs death penalty for Colorado theater shooter, family members testify about 12 people killed

Federal agents to help curb crime in Baltimore

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
Baltimore is having one of its bloodiest summers on record

Emotional testimony as James Holmes sentencing nears end

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
The final phase of sentencing began Tuesday in the James Holmes trial. Holmes is facing life in prison or the death penalty

Rocky Fire grows in size -- and in expense

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
The Rocky Fire, burning north of San Francisco, continues to grow in size as firefighters struggle to contain it

Violent weather claims 2 lives in N.H. circus tent collapse

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
Strong winds tore through a circus tent at the Lancaster, New Hampshire fairgrounds Monday evening, causing it to collapse

The "Up" house is floating away, for real

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
The small Seattle home that reminds people of the house featured in the movie "Up," is being donated to a charity that plans to move it

Will Joe Biden enter 2016 race?

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
Those closest to Vice President Biden have been reportedly urging him to consider a run for the higest office in the land

​Lawsuit could transform birthday celebrations

CBS US News - 0 sec ago
The song "Happy Birthday" may soon slip away from the hands of a music publisher and into the public domain


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