High school custodian provides unlikely service

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 7:21pm
There's only one other job Texas janitor Charles Clark takes more seriously than his cleaning duties

Girls' high school hoops coach suspended after team's 161-2 win

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 7:16pm
Blowout sparked controversy about sportsmanship - but it wasn't the region's largest-ever margin of victory in girls' basketball

Muhammad Ali released from hospital again

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 6:39pm
It's the second hospital stint in four weeks for the boxing legend who turns 73 on Saturday

Protesters shut down mass transit stations in San Francisco

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 6:15pm
Banging spoons, waving "black lives matter" signs, activists start 4-day campaign

Capitol terror plot suspect faces judge in Ohio

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 5:58pm
Christopher Lee Cor​nell, who was arrested in FBI sting, charged with plotting to set off bombs at U.S. Capitol

FDA fast-tracking "unbelievable" eczema drug

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 5:35pm
About 30 million Americans suffer from eczema. Now, the Food and Drug Administration is fast-tracking Dupilumab -- a new drug treatment that is changing the lives of people with the skin condition. Brian Webb reports.

Arizona passes law requiring high school civics test

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 5:30pm
Can you pass the basic test to become a U.S. citizen? Arizona is now requiring all high school students to pass a civics test to graduate. CBSN's Michlle Miller and Elaine Quijano report.

Top Medicare official steps down

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 5:29pm
Marilyn Tavenner, a top health official who was a key figure in implementing Obamacare, is stepping down. CBSN's Elaine Quijano and Michelle Miller report.

Kerry's message to France: "You've got a friend" - literally

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 5:17pm
After Secretary of State John Kerry said he wanted to give France a "big hug," he followed it up with another message: "You've got a friend." He had James Taylor sing the classic song to apologize for the lack of a high-profile U.S. presence at an anti-teror rally in Paris following last week's terror attacks.

Penn State, Joe Paterno to get wins restored under proposed deal

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 5:13pm
Proposed settlement will give Penn State back 112 football team wins that were vacated in the Jerry Sandusky child molestation scandal

Guardrail falls from 81st floor in New York City

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 4:49pm
8-foot-long section falls from work site, lands in front of occupied building

Multiple car crashes blamed on icy road conditions in Georgia

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 4:46pm
Ice being blamed for at least six wrecks reported on Interstate 20 westbound near downtown Atlanta

ID sought on dead baby found at recycling center

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 4:18pm
Police say workers at Roseville, MIch. facility discovered the body bundled in cloth as it came down a sorting line

Sanders: Hard to do serious things if you deny science

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 4:02pm
Sen. Bernie Sanders is making climate change a key issue with an amendment that would ask each senator if they believe climate change is caused by humans. Sanders joins CBSN's Michelle Miller and Elaine Quijano to discuss the amendment.

Washington town bans cheese ahead of Green Bay-Seattle matchup

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 4:00pm
Some Seattle fans aren't messing around when it comes to football. Bainbridge Island in Washington is banning cheese as the Seattle Seahawks prepare to take on the Green Bay Packers on Sunday with a trip to the Super Bowl on the line.

Schieffer's take on President Obama and his "bro" David Cameron

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 4:00pm
Cheif Washington correspondent Bob Schieffer talks to CBSN's Elaine Quijano and Michelle Miller about President Obama's meeting with British Prime Minister David Cameron. Obama and Cameron will mainly discuss terror and cyber security.

Cops in South Florida use mug shots for target practice

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 3:56pm
There are reports that North Miami police officers used mug shots of black men as targets for sniper practice. However, their police chief is standing behind them.

​"Would you like a very, very, very long receipt?

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 3:53pm
Nancy Giles on the increasingly common reams of paper that are handed to us when we make even the smallest purchase

6-year-old's hanging death leaves questions unanswered

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 3:35pm
Minnesota girl was found unconscious in foster home's bedroom with jump rope around her neck

Top tech headlines: Goodbye Google Glass; Elon Musk's big week

CBS US News - Fri, 01/16/2015 - 3:32pm
Jan. 19 will be the last day to get Google Glass, the device that was expected to be huge in the world of wearable tech. But because of poor sales Google is taking it off the shelves, at least for now. Also, Elon Musk has huge plans for the future. CBSN's Elaine Quijano and Michelle Miller discuss the top tech news with Huffington Post tech reporter Tim Stenovec.


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