Naked Oregon man goes on drunken home invasion spree

CBS US News - Tue, 01/06/2015 - 3:03am
Guillermo Lopez drunkenly invaded multiple homes in Keizer, Oregon, drinking the homeowner's alcohol and using their hot tub.

Officials make $2.7 million methamphetamine bust in Texas

CBS US News - Tue, 01/06/2015 - 2:49am
U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials say the drug was seized at an inspection station in El Paso from a car coming into the country from Mexico

Arctic blast drops temperatures throughout much of U.S.

CBS US News - Tue, 01/06/2015 - 1:26am
Near-zero wind chills, icy roads and even flooding is what much of the nation will see in its first freeze of 2015

2 killed, 11 injured in North Dakota bus crash

CBS US News - Tue, 01/06/2015 - 12:34am
The bus was struck by a freight train while riding along a country road, authorities said

Kentuckians amazed by miracle plane crash survivor's bravery

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 10:19pm
The 7-year-old girl who walked away from crash that killed her family has astonished authorities and others

NYC mayor: Cops' gesture at funerals disrespectful to families

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 8:47pm
Bill de Blasio responds after thousands of city police officers turned their backs again as they watched him eulogize slain officer

Iraqi base with U.S. troops hit by indirect ISIS fire

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 8:42pm
What the Pentagon calls "nuisance attacks" are being launched regularly at base with U.S. military trainers, but no one's been hurt

Imprisoned by a lie; set free by the truth

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 7:52pm
CBS News was there when a man who spent 39 years in prison met the man who wrongly put him there

Ferguson grand juror sues St. Louis County prosecutor

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 6:18pm
Upset about a lifetime gag order, a grand juror indicates in a lawsuit that the prosecutor may not have been transparent in his actions

The coolest, most expensive TVs at CES

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 4:35pm
The annual Consumer Electronics Show kicks off Tuesday and there will be some crazy, cool and very expensive screens on display. Think thinner, smarter, more colorfully saturated TVs and monitors. CNET's Bridget Carey reports from Las Vegas.

Climbers attempt the near-impossible in Yosemite

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 3:41pm
For the third time, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson are tackling the most dangerous route of Yosemite's El Capitan

Miami gets jump-start on ending Florida same-sex wedding ban

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 3:21pm
Judge rules that same-sex couples can immediately start getting marriage licenses in Miami-Dade County

Impact echoes as trial nears in Etan Patz murder

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 2:47pm
Jury selection is scheduled to start Monday for the murder trial of Pedro Hernandez, of Maple Shade, New Jersey, who wasn't a suspect in the Etan Patz case until police got a tip in 2012

Cops: Naked man broke into homes; used hot tub

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 2:46pm
A naked man allegedly went on a crime spree early Sunday morning -- drinking one homeowner's alcohol, using their hot tub and taking a shower

4-year-old nearly drowns in cruise ship wave pool

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 2:38pm
Boy was swept away in the wave pool for about six minutes before a guest noticed him

Hundreds of birds found dead on Pacific coast

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 2:32pm
Scientists are puzzling to find out what is mysteriously killing seabirds in British Colombia, Oregon and California

Baby gorilla, shunned by mother, moves to new home

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 1:58pm
A baby gorilla raised by human keepers has been moved to a third zoo in the hopes of finding a family that accepts her

Much of U.S. faces brutal blast of winter

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 1:51pm
Snow is possible across a 2,000-mile stretch of the U.S. and millions of people will deal with brutally cold wind chills

Alleged Pennsylvania trooper assassin due in court

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 1:24pm
Eric Frein eluded police for 48 days after allegedly shooting to death a state trooper and wounding another outside their barracks

Key players in the Dzhokhar Tsarnaev trial

CBS US News - Mon, 01/05/2015 - 1:05pm
The 21-year-old faces dozens of counts related to the Boston Marathon bombing including murder and using a weapon of mass destruction


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