Things with Trump's name on them

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 10:00pm
From steaks to board games to vodka, the Donald loves to see his name in print

Two officers killed in Michigan courthouse shooting

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 9:59pm
Just four days after the Dallas shooting, at least two more law enforcement officers were killed at the Berrien County Courthouse in southwest Michigan. A county official says the shooter was an inmate being taken to the county jail when he grabbed a bailiff's gun and started shooting.

Who is Dallas top cop David Brown?

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 8:59pm
The public face of the Dallas PD has lost loved ones to violence

The latest on the Alton Sterling shooting investigation

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 8:49pm
Police give new details in their account of the shooting of the 37-year-old outside of a convenience store in Louisiana; store owner suing police

Biden sets sights on restricting sale of armor-piercing bullets

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 8:36pm
Vice President Biden has tried to restrict the sale of armor-piercing bullets, which the Dallas sniper used to penetrate the officer's vests

"Pokemon GO" craze catching the country

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 8:11pm
Stock in Nintendo has soared after the release of the wildly-popular new game app that's brought Pokémon to life

Man arrested over homeless killings freed without charge

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 7:31pm
Anthony Padgett had been convicted years ago in a crime similar to the recent assaults on San Diego homeless men, but police didn't submit their case

Hundreds of graves discovered at historic N.Y. African-American site

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 7:27pm
Specialists using ground radar have detected hundreds of previously undiscovered gravesites in an African-American burial ground that dates to the 1830s

Little boy fitted with "blade feet" thanks to Boston bombing survivor

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 7:09pm
Illinois 5-year-old lost both his legs in a lawnmower accident two years ago, but thanks to a Boston bombing survivor, he is off and running

Judge rules on sons' sale of MLK's Bible, Nobel prize

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 7:08pm
Two of the iconic civil rights leader's sons have been battling his daughter for the right to sell some of his most personal possessions

Michigan courthouse shooting leaves 2 bailiffs dead

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 6:21pm
The shooting happened after an inmate in custody grabbed a deputy sheriff's gun and began firing, a law enforcement source tells CBS News' Pat Milton

Lawyer points to "larger disease" behind deadly police shootings

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 5:31pm
Bryan Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, says the U.S. has not "adequately acknowledged" its history of racial inequality

Two federal firefighters killed amid wildfires in several states

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 5:29pm
California alone has been battling up to nine blazes at a time; federal firefighters killed in crash near Nevada-Oregon border

Teen boys who went missing inside bat-filled mine found

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 5:11pm
A large search was launched in an abandoned iron mine in Wisconsin when the boys' bikes were found at an entrance without them

This group is more likely to face poverty after retirement

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 4:30pm
Experts say the pay gap is just one of the reasons behind a big discrepancy in poverty rates later in life

Dallas Police Chief: We're asking cops to do to much

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 3:49pm
Dallas Police Chief David Brown provided an update Monday on the shooting investigation. He also expressed concern that police are being asked "to do too much" and not receiving the support and funding they need.

DA recuses himself from Alton Sterling case over cop link

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 3:49pm
Hillar Moore said he is friends with one of the officer's parents, so he's stepping down from the probe into the deadly police shooting

Dallas chief: "We're asking cops to do too much"

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 3:34pm
In wake of deadly police ambush, Chief David Brown said "policing was never meant to solve" societal failures

Afghan tour made Dallas gunman a "hermit", family says

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 3:05pm
Micah Johnson's mom said he wanted to serve and even be a cop as a kid, but his time in the Army changed him

Protests against police violence

CBS US News - Mon, 07/11/2016 - 2:30pm
The recent police killings of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, La., and Philando Castile in St. Paul, Minn., have reignited protests against police violence


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