WABG-TV is continually driven to create value beyond cost for its sponsors and advertisers.  Unique marketing concepts plus our experienced creative services team puts your message in front of more people, in more places that any other media outlet in the Mississippi Delta.

Partnering with WABG-TV associates your business with the station that is dedicated to community service organizations and community events.

WABG-TV impacts what matters most, the bottom line.  If you consider the one factor that matters most to your advertising dollars, it has to be "return on investment".  Advertising with WABG-TV is a guaranteed return on your initial investment.

The success of WABG-TV is fully based on the quality and focus of its programming.  ABC affiliate programming and quality syndicated programming combined with award winning/top rated newscasts are the keys to WABG-TV's continued success in the market place.

WABG-TV presents its sponsors a variety of options and attractive price points.  Whether your sponsorship involves the entire programming list or an individual show, WABG-TV builds value.   Additionally, WABG-TV offers multimedia advertising opportunities such as website ads, sponsorships, and links.

To find out how you can take advantage of the selling power of WABG-TV, call our sales department at 662-332-0949.

The following is a list of our experienced sales team.


Roderick Brown

-Account Executive

Phone: (662) 332-0949